Setting up Synology NAS Backup - SAFE Backup

Setting up Synology NAS Backup - SAFE Backup

For information on supported Synology boxes please look here.

You should receive a link with the email that you used to create the account with but if you don’t know where to get the download link from then please type in the customer’s login name here.

It will then guide you towards a page, please click on the blue button in to the top right hand corner.

Next, On the Download page, download the Synology installer and make a note of the URL under the Synology title.

Then, login to the Synology Nas and click on Package Center.

Next, install JAVA 7 or JAVA 8. If your Synology NAS is brand new then this might come pre-installed.

Next, click on Manual Install.

It will then pop up with this wizard. Click on Browse.

Then, select the install file for the backup client.

Accept our Terms and then click "Next".

Then, put in the URL that you had made a note of when downloading the installer and press "next".

Click on Apply and the client should then be installed.

Click on All Apps and you should see the Client there installed. Click on the SDSL Business Cloud Backup - it may be named differently.

It will then load up the backup client.

Make sure to click on login as you have already created the client on the portal. Login to the client using the details you created on the portal.

You can then proceed to create a backup set, a guide on doing this can be found here.

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