How to Restore Data from a Seed

How to Restore Data from a Seed - SAFE Backup

If a full restore is required and your internet connection is too slow, we can arrange a seed restore where we send you a USB drive with your encrypted data. 

Once you receive the USB drive, plug it into your machine and login to the backup client, select "Utilities".

Navigate to "Decrypt Backup Data" on the left. Here you will need to use the "Browse" function on the right to find the path to your data which will be on the USB drive we sent you.

Selecting "Browse" will open a small window where you can navigate to the USB. Select the file with the numbers for the name and then select "Blocks" folder. Then press "ok". Below you can see an example of what the location will look like.

When ready press "Decrypt" - if the software cannot find the encryption key you will be prompted to add it.  This is usually the password you first created the account with.

The next page allows you to select what you would like to restore. You can alter the dates to restore certain versions of files if you know when they were created. On the left hand side you will the folder tree and on the right hand side you can select the items to restore.

You can either select the tick box on the left to restore everything backed up from that location.

Or you can use the section to the right to be more selective about the files you would like to restore.

Press "Next" at the bottom right when you are ready.

You will then be given the option of where you would like to restore these files to. As you can see you can either restore them to their original location, or to an alternative by selecting that option and using the "browse" facility.

Selecting "Show advanced option" will allow you the following options:

When ready press "Restore" bottom right. You will then be shown a progress bar which will tell you when the items were completed successfully.

Once restored successfully press "cancel" bottom right and "back" out of the restore windows.

If you have created a new destination for these files, ensure it is added to the backup. 

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