How to Run a Data Integrity Check

How to Run a Data Integrity Check - SAFE Backup

We recommend that you complete this on a regular basis as part of your own maintenance routine or if the summary reports an issue with the index or quota.

Login with user credentials and navigate to utilities, located bottom right.

The first option will be "Data Integrity Check" on the left. Select this.

On the right hand side you will need to select the backup set via a dropdown, or do them all if you wish.

Then select the destination this goes to. Usually you will only have one option here, if you have multiple you can leave the selection as “all”.

If you are doing a normal integrity check, please ensure "Run Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)" is un-ticked. Some versions may have an option to tick "Rebuild index" we recommend this is selected regardless of the cause of the integrity check, but especially if it is an indexing error.

When ready please press "Start".

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