How to Fix a Simple Mode Error with SQL Backup - SAFE Backup

How to Fix a Simple Mode Error with SQL Backup - SAFE Backup

If you are backing up SQL databases and transaction logs at the same times, you may see the following error:

"[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The statement BACKUP LOG is not allowed while the recovery model is SIMPLE. Use BACKUP DATABASE or change the recovery model using ALTER DATABASE." 

This error occurs because the transaction logs are in use due to the database being backed up. The database covers the logs as well, so the fix for this is to remove the transaction log backup and modify the database backup to be daily. 

Firstly, login to the backup client, or access the account on the web portal. Navigate to schedule for this set and delete the "Transaction Log" schedule. Modify, or create a, "database" backup schedule (type to "full") and set this to run daily.

When the scheduled backup next runs, you should no longer see the Simple Mode error.
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